Tummy Tuck Scars

Abdominoplastic surgery or simply “tummy tuck” is basically a cosmetic surgical procedure utilized to create the waist firmer and slimmer. The  orange county tummy tuck surgery entails the elimination of fat and excess skin from the mid and lower abdominal walls so as to tighten both the fascia and the underlying muscle. Tummy tucks also known as abdominoplasty, are usually performed on patients whose abdominal walls are severely stretched due to obesity, pregnancy or aging. During the surgery an incision is made in the lower edge of the abdomen. This incision is typically vertical but can be horizontal or inclined based upon the patient’s wishes. The skin is then pulled tight and the muscles are tightened from underneath.

A small incision is made and a new hole is created for the navel to be attached. A stent is then placed and this helps to control the rate of blood flow into the surgical area. The stent is then removed after several hours and the incisions closed with sutures. After a couple of days the stitches are removed and the bruising under the skin reduced.

The first part of a tummy tuck involves general anesthesia or sedation. An incision is made below the pubic area and the lower half of the stomach is exposed. An incision is then made below each pancreas so that the excess skin can be removed. In addition, a new hole is cut below each diaphragm and this too will be covered with sutures.

After the surgery is performed the skin is pulled tight and a new hole is made in the upper area of the abdomen. This is done in order to take out the excess abdominal skin. The surgeon will then cut through the layers of skin that are above this area. Then a new hole is made below this spot so that the belly button can be repositioned. Finally, another incision is made below the navel. Find more details about piezosurgery here.

As you can see, a tummy tuck operation involves major surgery. Therefore it is important to be in good physical condition before undergoing the procedure. If you have a history of previous abdominal surgery then it is advisable to discuss this procedure with your doctor. If you are a good candidate then there is no need to have a repeat operation as long as the scars remain below the muscles.

The most common scar from a tummy tuck is the one associated with the removal of the navel. This excess skin is removed in order to create a cleavage free abdominal wall. As a result the remaining abdominal wall is left intact and in tact. The other scar that is associated with this procedure is the one resulting from an incision in the abdominal wall made in the area of the navel. This excess skin is removed and may take several weeks to heal. To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdominoplasty.

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