Common Complications From Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not something to be taken lightly. Although cosmetic surgery is always tempting, a procedure like breast augmentation requires a great deal of care before opting for it. It is important to have a realistic outlook when considering the surgical procedure. Most women do not opt for breast augmentation because of medical problems, but sometimes they do it out of vanity. There are a lot of risks involved in this type of surgery, so you should know everything about it before even deciding on getting it done.

One of the major risks associated with this procedure is that there is a risk of capsular contraction of the breast implant. This is when the scar tissue that forms around the implant becomes hard and does not slip or disappear easily. Also, there is a risk that the implant will break inside the skin. This is extremely painful and if it happens to your implant, then it can cause infection. There is also a risk that your milk supply will suffer as a result of the operation. These are just some of the risks, but the good news is that most of them are quite minor. n

Another thing to consider when thinking about the risks involved is that most plastic surgeons will not perform this kind of surgery on women who smoke or have cancer. Another thing to think about here is that these risks might increase once you have children. The newport beach breast lift surgeon will never recommend you for a breast augmentation if you are a smoker or if you have any kind of cancer because he values you as a client. In fact, some surgeons might refuse to perform the operation altogether because of the increased risks involved.

The risks involved in the operation itself are real ones. A ruptured implant could occur at anytime during the procedure, and you could even end up with capsular contracture. This is when the scar tissue forms around the implant, and it can squeeze the implant or cause pain while feeding the child. This risk can increase if you have silicone implants. Silicone is known to be more malleable, which means that it is easier for the implant to get squeezed by the scar tissue.

Other complications associated with breast augmentation are things that you should keep in mind. One of the complications is capsular contracture, where you can tear the implant or have the scar tissue squeeze the implant. Another risk is that there is an increased risk of keloid scarring, which looks like a hard bump on the skin surrounding your nipple. If you have this type of complication, it is possible that your nipples may be unnaturally shaped or are otherwise asymmetrical. Finally, another risk is that the scars you will get from the breast augmentation could become irritated or inflamed.

Although these complications are rare, they do happen. When talking about complications, you always need to take into consideration the risks of breast augmentation as well as the normal risks of having surgery. The best way to counter these complications is to get regular checkups, and to make sure that you find the experienced newport beach breast augmentation doctor that has all of the right information and equipment for your surgery. For more understanding of this article, visit this link:

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