Breast Lift Scars

A breast lift is a medical procedure that reshapes and raises the bosom. It is also called augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation, or mammoplasty. The word’mammoplasty’ derives from the Greek word that means implying of breasts’. The operation is sometimes used as a neocolonectomy (breast removal) surgery.

Undergoing the newport beach breast lift can improve the look and shape of the breasts by reducing the overall volume of the breast, making it appear smaller and reshaped. It can also enhance the breast fold, lifting the bosom at the right place. The lift procedure can be done under general anesthesia in a hospital or in a private clinic. Sometimes the general anesthetic is combined with local anesthesia to reduce the risk of complications.

There are different kinds of breast lift procedures, depending on the patient’s wishes and needs. The results are often satisfactory but sometimes small scarring is visible after surgery. In the case of large breasts, a breast lift can produce great results, with a reduction in breast size of one or more cup sizes. Also, in this case, scars are usually not visible on the chest area.

For women who do not want scars on their chest, a lot of plastic surgeons offer techniques such as skin excision, which is the surgical removal of some of the excess skin and tissue in the breast. Skin excision is often recommended for women with a relatively large bosom because it leaves the chest free of unpleasant creases and bumpy areas. This kind of breast reduction is often effective for women having a relatively normal weight and shape. However, it is less successful in removing fat and tissue in areas with larger amounts.

Sometimes the patient may also request a mastopexy, which is a breast lift procedure that removes excess skin and tissue from the breast. Mastopexies are particularly effective in correcting breast sag and lifting the breasts so that they are youthful and full. However, it is a more complex surgery and recovery time is longer than a traditional breast lift. There is also a greater chance of developing scars in this case.

After breast reduction surgery, you might be advised to wear supportive bras and certain pantyhose. You should consult your body contouring newport beach surgeon if these recommendations are not appropriate for you and he will be able to advice you. Scarring after any type of breast lift can be minimized through careful post-operative care and hygiene. However, scars will always remain on the chest area and may require more aggressive treatment through plastic surgery or other techniques to remove them. Find more insight about this topic by clicking here:

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